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The Advised podcast is hosted by Financial Planner and entrepreneur Rick Luchini. On this podcast you’ll find interviews and insights on a wide range of financial topics. Rick’s mission is to lift the veil on personal finance and help you make better decisions.

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Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

In Today's episode I discuss the impact of financial advice before age 50. Why it should be very different than the advice your parents receive, and some things to consider when getting started. Somewhere along the way, Financial Planning became synonymous with Retirement Planning. The truth is, Financial Planning is comprehensive financial advice for all ages, not just for the rich and the soon to be retired. If you're in your 30's or 40's, you are making financial decisions every day that will impact your greatly down the road. Now might be the time to start taking it serious, and get your financial house in order.

Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

Investor behavior is the number one reason for investment underperformance. In today's episode I discuss a new way to view your investments and how to contextualize your losses (and gains). Having a basic understanding of how you're invested, and WHY you own certain positions goes a long way in making the right decision when times are tough. Not having an investment philosophy that you understand and believe in, can leave you stressed and unsure what to do. That is the EXACT time when people make the wrong moves, negatively impacting them for years to come. Successful Investing can be SIMPLE, but it's definitely not EASY. 

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

The retail investor today has access to more investments, free platforms and better tools than advisors did a short 10 years ago. While the data proves that the long term investor is better served with a low cost, well diversified portfolio, why are so many still paying so much for something that can be done for free.?
In this episode I discuss a new way of thinking. I encourage you to update and raise your expectations. If you are paying for investment management and not receiving comprehensive financial planning, you deserve more. If you are a DIYer, or wish you were, but are too scared to take the leap, hopefully this is the first step in empowering you to do it. It's time we all take a look at what we are paying for and where the value is being added. Don't let the fancy pamphlets and quarterly market outlooks fool you. The smartest and most sophisticated money managers regularly underperform a well built portfolio over the long term. Don't let fear get in the way of making prudent financial decisions.

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

I sat down with Tami Clark, the Executive Director of the Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund to uncover a hidden gem for PA tax payers, and especially Small Business Owners.  We discuss how this program works, who it is best for and some common misconceptions you may find when doing your own research.  If you are a PA resident and love to support your local community, This is a MUST LISTEN !  Tami is a great resource on all things Educational Improvement Tax Credit related.  

Wednesday Aug 23, 2023

Too often I see savers and responsible families not know how to distribute those savings back to themselves in a responsible way.  The end result is a fear based approach that errs on the side of caution leaving a lot of unspent dollars, and unlived experiences behind. Don't forget about TODAY, when planning for tomorrow.

Wednesday Aug 23, 2023

Join us for an insightful conversation in the debut episode of 'Advised' podcast!  In this episode, host Rick engages in a candid discussion with Medicare expert Jocelyn Wolf. They delve into the world of health insurance, demystifying common misconceptions, sharing valuable insights, and exploring how to navigate the complex landscape of Medicare. Discover why it's crucial to critically evaluate information, avoid blind decisions, and find trusted resources to make informed choices. Whether you're approaching retirement or simply seeking guidance on insurance matters, this episode offers practical advice and empowering perspectives. Subscribe now for more expert discussions on financial and insurance topics!"


Welcome to The Advised Podcast: Your Path to Financial Empowerment!

Are you tired of sifting through financial jargon and feeling left out of the loop when it comes to your finances? Look no further. The Advised Podcast is here to equip you with the practical financial advice you've been craving – advice that's typically reserved for those with hefty portfolios. Hosted by Rick Luchini, a financial advisor with a mission to democratize financial wisdom, this podcast is your go-to source for navigating the financial landscape.

Who We Are:
The Advised Podcast is tailor-made for working professionals who are determined to make astute financial choices before they approach retirement age. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to optimize their financial decisions, regardless of their career or background. Our aim is to empower you with actionable advice that bridges the gap between your aspirations and your fiscal reality.

Unlocking Financial Insights:
Join us as we sit down with industry experts who shed light on the intricacies of finance and unveil common misconceptions. Our engaging interviews provide you with practical takeaways that can transform your financial outlook. We're here to guide you through the labyrinth of financial choices, so you can confidently make decisions that resonate with your goals.

Why We Stand Out:
At The Advised Podcast, we're redefining the norms of financial guidance. Host Rick Luchini, a seasoned financial advisor, challenges the status quo by offering expert insights without the hefty price tag. We understand that the financial advisory landscape often overlooks the needs of the working class. Our mission is to bridge that gap by providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed financial decisions.

Educational, Energetic, and Empowering:
Expect an engaging blend of education and energy in every episode. Our conversational approach makes complex financial concepts accessible, while our positive and direct style ensures you walk away with clarity and purpose. Tune in during your daily commute – our episodes are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Your Guide to Financial Confidence:
Host Rick Luchini is your companion on this journey to financial empowerment. Alongside industry experts, he's here to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to navigate your financial journey successfully. With a new episode dropping every week, you'll have a consistent stream of insights to guide your financial decisions.

The Message:
At The Advised Podcast, we firmly believe that sound financial advice isn't a luxury reserved for those with massive investment portfolios. It's a universal right that impacts your family's well-being, your aspirations, and your peace of mind. Join us in unlocking the secrets of finance and take charge of your financial future – one episode at a time.

Get ready to transform your financial perspective. Subscribe to The Advised Podcast and embark on your journey to financial empowerment today. Your prosperous future starts here.

(Episodes release weekly, are under an hour long, and are perfect for your daily commute.)

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